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Mr. Ferhat Mheni Physically Assaulted in Paris

The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA) is dismayed to learn that Mr. Ferhat Mhenni, a strong contributor to the Amazigh culture, has been physically assaulted in Paris. ACAA and its members strongly condemn this vicious act and stands with Mr. Mhenni.  We call upon the French authorities to bring to justice the authors of this […]

ACAA statement against racism

The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA) stands against racism, hate and all forms of discrimination. We believe that every life should be valued and respected and everyone deserves peace and dignity. We grieve alongside all who have been affected by acts of racism, hate and discrimination and we are committed to the advancement of […]


The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA) supports the right of the Algerian people for a peaceful transition towards a democratic and civilian state, as expressed by the weekly demonstrations throughout Algeria since February 22, 2019. We are closely following the historic events and are very concerned about the abuses of human rights including the attacks on […]