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Our Participation in the Global Revival Of Our Culture

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The Amazigh people live in north Africa which extends from the Atlantic ocean on the west to the Suez canal on the east and includes the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. which bring it almost to the asian continent. Amazigh people can also be found in other African countries like Tchad and Mali.

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Amazigh Culture

The Tamazight (Berber) Language Profile by Karim Achab; University of Ottawa

Abstract: Profile written at the request of the Ministry of Education of the Province of Ontario, Canada, in November 2001, following the request to include Tamazight among the languages taught within its Program of International Languages. Click Here to read  full article

Amazigh ( Recipes)

Amazigh Aghrom N’Timzin ( Khobz Ch3ir) Recipe:

What you Need:

1 Lbs ( or half Kg) barley flour

1/2 Lbs ( a quarter Kg whole wheat flour)

2  TBS of Olive oil

1 TBS salt

1 TBS Yeast

2 cups warmer water

Step 1: Mix all except salt ( add at the end of mixing and mix well again)

Step 2: Let the dough rise for about 20 minutes

Step 3 : Sprinkle some flour on a flat surface and put the dough down then divide into 6 portions

Step 4: Roll out each portion of the the dough to the desired shape and form ( flattened) allow it to rise again.

Step 5: Lay the pieces on a flat pan and keep moving it every so often ( to spread the heat)

Enjoy !

Link to a youtube Algerian Barley Flatbread

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