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The Amazigh Culture is the cement of our communities, and it needs our commitment and dedication for its survival and development. Please consider joining our organization or make a donation to help us promote our heritage. Membership is open to anyone who would like to support and contribute to our mission and agrees with our Bylaws, regardless of country of origin, race or gender. Three types of memberships are offered: Family, individual, and student. Use the dropdown menu below to select a membership category then click Subscribe.

You can pay with smart phone apps such as VENMO or CashApp or the Zelle app in your bank account. To do so, use the following phone number: 309-205-2211.

Make sure you see the following names after you enter the phone number:

  • Zelle          —>  Amazigh Cultural Association in America

  • Venmo       -->   Amazigh Cultural

  • CashApp    -->  Tamazgha.org

Or you can have your payment processed via PayPal.

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