The New York Forum of Amazigh Film at LaGuardia and Columbia April 18-19


NYFAF - The New York Forum of Amazigh Film - invites you to attend and circulate info about our 9th edition on April 18 and 19 at LaGuardia Community College and at Columbia, and virtually on May 17. Our theme this year is: Memory and Resilience


We are excited to host guest speaker Izza Genini, a prolific French-Moroccan documentary filmmaker and African cinema distributor, whose films on Amazigh women and music will be featured and who will speak at LaGuardia on Thursday April 18 from 2:00-4:00 and at Columbia on Friday April 19 from 10:00-12:00. 


To RSVP for this free event click on this link [] to the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center.


Please come join us if possible and/or spread the word by circulating the publicity items –


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The NYFAF team — Habiba Boumlik, Lucy McNair, Yahya Laayouni, Wafa Bahri

 Pictures colored by Amazigh children at Yennayer in Chicago.

Picture colored at Yennayer in Chicago, Illinois



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