The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA) and its members are saddened by the passing of Idir, one of the major pillars of Amazigh music.

Aɛzzi/ Condolences/ Condoleances

Tiddukla Tadelsant Tamaziɣt deg Marikan (ACAA) akked imaslaḍen-is tḥuza-ten nezzeh twaɣit n tmettant n Yidir, yiwen deg yinaẓuran igejdanen deg Umaḍal Amaziɣ.
Ihi, nra a nɛazzi tawacult-is, kra yellan d imeddukal-is, akked Umaḍal Amazigh s umata.
Ad fella-s tugar talwit u ad d-yazen ṣṣber d laɛqel i twacult-is, am akken nessaram ad d-yegg afud I yimaziɣen akken ad sḍillen tagnit-a n unezgum.

ACAA Board and members are saddened by the passing of Idir, one of the major pillars in the cultural field of Amazigh music.
We present our sincere condolences to his family, his friends, and the Amazigh World in general.
May he rest in peace and may his family and the Amazigh community find the strength to overcome this loss.

ACAA et l’ensemble de ses members sont attristés par le décès d’Idir, l’un des piliers majeurs de la culture dans le Monde Amazigh.
Nous tenons à présenter nos sincères condoléances à sa famille et ses amis et au Monde Amazigh en général.
Qu’il repose en paix et que sa famille et la communauté Amazigh trouvent la force de surmonter cette dure épreuve.

Tsuled Teddert g Wulawn Nneɣ.  A Vava Inuva: Idir’s best song on YouTube 

The Amazigh Cultural Association in America (ACAA) supports the right of the Algerian people to a peaceful transition towards a democratic and civilian state, as expressed by the weekly demonstrations throughout Algeria since February 22, 2019. We are closely following the historic events and are very concerned about the abuses of human rights including the attacks on the Amazigh identity. We support the call for freedom and denounce the jailing of demonstrators who waived the Amazigh flag, the symbol of the Amazigh identity and culture in whole North Africa.

ACAA Board of Directors