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Dictionnaire de berbère libyen (Ghadamès)
by Jacques Lanfry
Preface by Lionel Galand.
This dictionary is a new printing of the 1973 edition by the Fichier de Documentation Berbere. It is available end of October in Algiers city center at El-Ijtihad bookstore located at: rue Hamani (former rue Charras) between Faculté centrale and the Grande Poste.
In other cities, it will be available during the month of November.

Note to our readers. ACAA will most likely acquire this book to donate to Tamazight schools in Libya. More information will be posted here as soon as details are available.

A press release by the Amazigh Cultural Movement of Libya
Below is pdf version of this text in both Tamazight and English that you can download.

It is time to build the new modern Libyan state and free. Intellectual consciousness that aspires to democracy and respect for diversity must come from the universal human values such as recognition and respect for others, dialogue and tolerance so that we can build a national consensus and work for the interest of all.

In order to build a future democratic state that respects freedom, dignity and equality, we believe that respect for human rights is essential. To contribute to the debate on this project, we propose our design for the next creation of a new Libyan state democratic, unified and free.

1 - The Amazigh language as a heritage of all Libyans without exception, and Arabic are both official languages of Libya. They have equal rights and equal privileges as to their use at all state institutions. The state will work to protect, to enhance and ensure its use in all areas. The state will also seek to teach foreign languages most commonly used worldwide to access science and modernity, open to other cultures and civilizations.

2 - After the release and stability in Libya, the state symbols must conform to the dimensions of identity, historical, cultural and intellectual Libya.

3 - Libya is a civils democratic and sovereign, with a constitutional and parliamentary-based flexible and balanced separation of powers (legislative, judicial and executive) and decentralization.

4 - It is forbidden to form political parties on religious, regional, ethnic or tribal. And in general, on any basis other discriminatory or contrary to human rights as universally recognized;

5 - To ensure equal freedoms and political rights, civil, economic, social and cultural rights for all Libyan (male and female). The State shall guarantee and protect equal opportunity and the right to life as the first right of every human being. Provide and ensure equal opportunities for individuals, coalitions and political movements to express their ideas and designs through a peaceful dialogue, peaceful, democratic and lawful in terms of both rights obligations.

6 - Ensure freedom of existence in all its forms-intellectual, opinion, expression, through all forms of creation, dissemination and publication.

Long live Libya - free Libya

Amazigh Cultural Movement,
On August 12, 2011.

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