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After nearly two years of struggle, this game is finally published. As this is being written sets of the game have reached Germany, France and the USA. In a few days the game will reach the remaining port of Stokholm. The game will be sold by several associations:
- Association Franco-Berbere d'Epinay-sur-seine (France)
- Association Tamazgha (France) website: www.tamazgha.fr
- Association Amitie Kabyle-allemande (Germany) website: http://kabylei.eu/
- MAK-Section Suede (Sweden)
- ACAA (North America) website: amekti.weebly.com
The sale price has not yet been set, so please visit these websites to get more information for when the games will go on sale and what the prices will be.
ACAA thanks Akli Kebaili for this fine product designed for Amazigh children. Thanks are due to Hsen Larbiand Rabah Seffal for their hard work to make this game a reality and to our partnering associations who have pledged their support by purchasing the game (ACFB Epiany-sur-seine, Tamazgha, AFRIKA 31 Haute Garonne, Deutsch-Kabylische, Espace Franco-Berbere Creteil, Mak-Suede, ACAOH Ottawa-Hull).


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