ACAA has recently purchased and is going to distribute 1000 books to children in Algeria and Morocco. The books intended for Algeria have been already distributed, those intended for Morocco have not. The 1000 are 500 copies of each of:
- Amcic amcum (pictured above)
- Ttejra n baba inuva
Authored by Nadia Kacher-Menad of Algiers (Algeria), the stories contained in these books are based on old Amazigh tales. The books are written using the modern latin script and have color illustrations. The quality of the production is quite good and ACAA is very pleased to help Amazigh children learn Tamazight and encourage Amazigh authors like Nadia produce more for Tamazight.

The following is a list of the beneficiaries:

1- Institut de formation d'enseignants (Département d'enseignants de tamazight) de Ben aknoun Alger (50 copies).
2- Etablissement arts et culture (50 copies). This has many libraries for children.
3- HCA (50 copies) which has a library.
4- Maison de la culture de Boumerdes (50 copies) has a library.  
5- Maison de la culture de Tizi-Ouzou (50 copies)
6- Ecole primaire Bounnar (30 copies)
7- Ecole Zemerli Akli (30 copies)
8- Ecole Saadane (30 copies)
9- Primaire Moukli (30 copies)
10-CEM Redjouana (30 copies)
11- Association Culturelle Tarwa n Gaya (30 copies)
12- Association Culturelle Ithran Bouira (30 copies)
13- Association Sociale (30 copies) has a library.
14- Association Culturelle Numidya, Oran (50 copies)
15- Association Culturelle Imedyazen, Alger (30 copies)
16- Tamazight teachers in Kabylia (80 copies)
17- Maison de la Culture de Béjaia (80 copies)

200 copies will be distributed in Morocco via a couple of associations. More information to be posted later.

We are very grateful to Nadia Kacher-Menad for the great distribution work she did on behalf ACAA.


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