Attan yewweḍ-ed lawan a negg tameγra n Yennayer di New York. A d-tuγal tafat γer temdint n New York ay atmaten! Ihi anṣuf yisswen γer tmeγra as n ssebt agi zdatneγ. Awit-d lwacul d imdukal nnwen. Siwelt i wid tessnem meṛṛa! Aseggas ameggaz!

Yennayer in NYC is finally back. Please join ACAA to mark the comeback of our New York community to the center of the action!
Here is the announcement for ACAA's NYC celebration of the Amazigh New Year.
Date and time: Evening of January 31st (see pic below).
Also I ask that our members and readers contribute as much as possible by informing friends and relatives about this event. Grab the phone and call and forward this email to your acquaintances.
Happy Yennayer!


English Version Follows

Tiddukla tadelsant tamaziɣt deg Marikan tera ad tekmasi aselmed n tmaziɣt i imeẓyanen ak d imeqqranen. Am akken teẓram imaziɣen deg tmurt n Marikan bḍan am tasa n wuccen akken qqaren. Ihi, akken a nezmer a nessali kra hatta wacu nessaram a t-nexdem:

-          Ilaq deg tal tamnaṭ ad ilin ddeqs n wid iran ad ɣren akken a d-nesbedd tarbaɛt n wid ara yeɣren.

-          Ilaq a d-naf wid izemren ad slemden (ad izmiren a d-asen ɣer wemḍiq n temlilit n terbaɛt).

-          Issefk yal/tal yiwen/yiwet ad yeqbel ad yeǧǧ kra seg lǧiha-s. Seg mi yal tamnaṭ ad yili yiwen kan n umḍiq, ihi ad ilin wid ara d-yeddun 15 min, ad ilin wid ara d-yeddun 60 min neɣ ugar.

-          Nessaram ad ilint aṭas n yemdanen, akken a nesmed aṭas n trebbaɛ.

-          Ilaq yal yiwen a d-yefk afus, aṭas aṭas deg wayen yerzan aselmed n imeẓyanen (ama deg tiɣtin n wayen ilaq I uselmed, ama deg lefḍur neɣ taɛessast n imeẓyanen, neɣ aɛiwen n wid isselmaden.

-          Akken a d-nesbedd aɣerbaz agi n tmaziɣt, ilaq wid iran ad lemden, a ɣ-d-fken kra n telɣutin I waken a nheggi ayen ilaqen.

Wid iran s yiman nnsen ad ɣren, neɣ ran a d-awin arraw nnsen ad ɣren tamaziɣt, ilaq a d-ačaren takaramt-a icudden seddaw. Tella yiwen n tkaramt i imeẓyanen, tayeḍ i imeqranen. Ačaret-ed tikaramin, taznem-tent-id ɣer tensa n tiddukla (ẓer “Contact Us”). Tanemmirt

The Amazigh Cultural Association is in planning a pilot program for teaching Tamazight. Courses will be organized depending on needs for children and adults. However, as you know Imazighen in the US are scattered around the four corners of this vast country. This makes it hard to organize courses everywhere. So here is what we are planning:

-          In each region there have to be enough people who wish to learn the Tamazight language so that we can organize the courses.

-          We have to find enough teachers qualified enough to teach both adults and children.

-          If we want this to succeed everyone is expected to sacrifice something. Some people may have to commute only 15 min. to take the course, but others maybe 60 min. or more.

-          Everyone is expected to help in a way or another (school needs for kids, food and snacks, coordination, logistics, teaching material, teacher aides, etc.).

-          To efficiently organize this program we need to collect enough information from those who are interested.

Those who are interested in this program are asked download (see below) and fill out the proper application forms (there are forms for children and adults). Please fill out the form completely and return to ACAA (see Contact Us for address). Thanks.

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efk-ed afus, tɛiwneḍ iman-ik/im *** give us a hand, and help yourself